WildKnowledge (WK) is a spinout company from Oxford Brookes University (OBU) whose research had identified the ‘engagement’ potential of mobile devices before the dawn of the iPhone. Since 'spinning out' WK has created a suite of mobile toolkits (and associated apps) that enable people to record information in the field (WildForm / WildKey) and engage with location based information (WildMap).

WK’s applications can be used to gather/receive information about ANY topic (wild = unrestricted!) but users have been particularly keen to gather data / engage people with phenomena related to the environment and wider heritage (e.g. wildlife identification, species recording, archaeology, geography, nature reserve trails). WK is also increasingly being used in the healthcare market (rapid assessment, patient feedback, monitoring).

Individuals or organisations (schools, visitor attractions, hospitals) can subscribe to the WK portal to make their own content or commission WK to create apps and associated websites for them. Existing customers include:
• Wildlife Trusts
• National Geographic
• Archaeological Trusts
• British Museum